Real Mom Breastfeeding Experiences: Gabrielle Spinks

If you missed the first Real Mom Breastfeeding Experiences: Jessica Stewart you can read it here. Breastfeeding can make us as mothers feel lonely like we’re on a journey all alone. Motherhood does this to us. We see moms rocking it on social media and we think we’re the only one going through these struggles. 

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But we’re not. We all struggle – or at least all the moms I know and talk to do. With these real mom breastfeeding stories I want to shed light for expecting mothers or even currently nursing moms. 

I am so excited to interview my second breastfeeding mama, Gabrielle Spinks! She is one of those who loves everything to do with breastfeeding and her passion shines. She has taken it upon herself to help other mothers in her community with breastfeeding. Just from having a million questions herself and knowing that breastfeeding can be a struggle. 


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Breastfeeding Interview:

Name, age and a little about yourself.

My name is Gabrielle Spinks and I am 27 years old. I am married to Derek Spinks and we have a one-year-old named Elizabeth Jane Spinks. I am a full-time working momma and work for Waycaster & Associates Architect as an Interior Designer.

How many children have you breastfed? And how long did you breastfeed your child(ren)?

Elizabeth is my only child as of now and we are still going strong! She just turned a year old on the 11th of August.

What was the most challenging to you at the beginning of your breastfeeding journey?

When my milk came in, to me, the pain was worse than having Elizabeth. Come to find out, I had an oversupply! It has actually been such a blessing in the long run, because I have been able to donate 3,000oz to mothers in need.

Did you overcome this challenge? And how?

I most certainly did overcome this challenge with the help from family and friends. I stayed full and when she started sleeping throughout the night I would wake up and I had better have my haakaa close! Eventually my supply kind of calmed down, but I have had an oversupply until just recently. I was able to overcome this challenge with the support from my husband and God opening my heart for these mothers in need.

If you could give a piece of advice to a new mom starting her breastfeeding journey what would it be?

New mommas, there is support and help out there! Join a support group and ask any and all questions that you want. No question is stupid, because at one point I knew nothing! Having that support group to lean on is so important to me. With that being said, everyone has opinions, so you do what is best for you and your baby! No matter what happens remember that you chose to benefit your beautiful baby and yourself!

What is your favorite must-have breastfeeding product you have used and recommend?

The haakaa and a milk catcher that fits in your bra were so amazing to have with my oversupply. I was first introduced to a milk catcher and would use it when I nursed her on my lunch break. I use my haakaa to this day and it has been such a great thing to have.

Anything else you would add..

Breastfeeding is such a wonderful bonding experience with you and your baby. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone struggles through it in some way. Try to always encourage a mother no matter how long they have been able to go through this journey.



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