My Story

Hey I’m Elizabeth,

I am a wife and a mother to these beauftiful, wild people. We live in south Louisiana. I’m a believer, coffee obsessed and easily overwhelmed. And food is definitely my favorite.

I love words, art, colors, creating and good humor. In my small corner of the internet I hope to express myself through those.

Balancing The Bless… embracing the mess, the blessings and attempting to balance it all.

Where did the name come from? Motherhood is a mess. And also a blessing. I feel like we’re all just doing our best to balance it all. It can be a lonely journey sometimes and I truly believe it takes a village. Mother’s supporting each other and that just get it.

What you will find here.. words, doodles, digital coloring sheets, hand lettering, breastfeeding because it can be hard so why not talk about it. Motherhood. And more.

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