Getting Your Family On Board To Eat Healthier

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Once you decide to start eating healthier it can be easy to leave your family behind to eat like they normally do. Because it is easy and that is what they are already used to. But there are many reasons that will not work out.

A lot of times you would rather just give up on your goals instead of trying to get your family to join you to eat healthier.



Honestly, it can be like pulling teeth.

When we treat eating healthy as a “quick diet” instead of a lifestyle change then we will fail every single time. When you allow your kids to continue to eat junk (and I don’t mean junk food in moderation) then they will grow up to most likely have the same eating habits. Eating habits we are trying to unteach our own selves.

So if you think about it.. we train our kids how to grow and eat. Then when they are older and want to go on a “diet” because they do not know how to eat correctly they have to relearn to eat. Or they may never learn and have an unhealthy cycle of trying to learn.

When we know better we do better.

Which is why it is important to teach them healthy habits now. And that doesn’t mean pretending to be perfect until you completely give up. We also have to remember that we did not learn our eating habits overnight and it is okay to slowly learn and do better.

If you continue to eat healthy without your spouse and children the chances of you derailing are a lot higher. Having unhealthy foods in front of your face daily and having to eat separate meals will get old fast. But it is also okay to stay strong and eat healthy in hopes to influence them to pick up on your eating habits.

But how do you get your family on board to eating healthy? When you’re almost positive pulling teeth would be more fun.

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Getting your family on board to eat healthier


It is a lifestyle change and not a diet

This is so important because if you treat it like a diet then you will just choose to stop doing this diet and then go back to a normal life of not eating healthy anymore. Until you decide to go on this “diet” again. And your family will see eating healthy as something you do when you want to lose weight.

We can’t teach our family that we just eat healthy when we’re trying to lose weight for the summer or a certain event. It is a lifestyle that is part of our everyday habits and life. Cake and treats are fine but it is about finding the healthy balance between what your body needs and occasional treats.

It does not happen overnight

You do not throw your family carrots one day and they magically love this new eating style and just call it a day. It took years of doing and learning this unhealthy lifestyle. Which is why it is okay to slowly get yourself out of the bad habits. While learning it is all about balance. That treats are okay but it is more important to nourish our bodies.

Slowly switching out snacks for healthier options, adding more vegetables to your dinner plan and starting with a breakfast that is healthy. Slowly. Do not overwhelm yourself. Small baby steps over time will always get you further than quitting. 

Eating healthy is not boring

Eating healthy is not just eating chicken and broccoli every meal. Of course, you can if you want. Eating healthy is all of your favorite foods but cooking them in healthier ways. Eating real foods. Knowing what is going in your meals and body.

I’m a food lover. And I do not like to go without. It’s about making healthier options. Cooking foods at home. Switching out ingredients with more wholesome ingredients.

Let your children help

Allow your children to pick out new foods and even help you cook them. When children feel apart of something (cooking) they are more likely to eat the new food you want them to try. They are proud which makes them excited to try the new food out.

Plus how are they supposed to grow up and know how to cook the foods their body needs? They watch and help mama and daddy!

Worth the shot!

Get rid of the junk in your home

Sometimes it is easy to think that you can buy junk foods for just your kids or husband. Or just eat it as treats… sometimes. But this can be a big downfall for people. You see the treats in your home and have no self-control.

This is where learning balance comes in handy. Yes, you can have some treats in your home but I would not over do it especially if you are easily tempted. Or if your kids see the junk food they will choose that over something good for them.

As you run out of snacks and food think of healthier options you can switch them out for.

Talk to your family

As you learn, teach them. I know kids (or even spouses) don’t always listen the first, second or third time. But keep patiently teaching them. Inform them why you have chosen to eat better. And what it does for your body!

If you have a husband who prefers fried foods every meal and kids who scream over you just insisting they eat a vegetable it can be hard. I get it.

But if they are watching you long enough walk the walk they will pick up your habits.

Your actions mean everything

We can say something all day and no one listens but our actions are seen. Especially by our children. When we are consistent with our choices our family will see that.

It may not seem like it at first but they will.

Focus on adding not subtracting

Be more worried about adding the good into your families life. Instead of trying to take all of the bad away. It is okay to be proud that you added more vegetables to your families dinner plate even if dad gets out the tub of ice cream after supper. You should be happy if your husband agrees to drink an extra bottle of water a day even if he still drinks his soda.

Healthy Lifestyle: It is what you add not subtract

Focus on adding the good in!




We can’t expect people to drastically change overnight. We have to focus on the good we are adding in hopes that the bad will just slowly disappear.

Living a new healthier lifestyle is not always easy and we know getting our family on board is definitely not the easiest. We have to remember that we did not learn all of our unhealthy habits overnight so it takes time to learn the new healthy habits. This will allow us to take the pressure off of ourselves to be perfect.

I would love to know how you have begun to bring healthier choices into your families life. What worked and what did not work.

We all have setbacks and none of us are perfect. But if we can all move forward every single day we will get there.


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Author: Elizabeth Hill

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